How bad are fried pickles for you?

But while traditional deep-fried pickles may make a delicious rare treat, the recipe is too indulgent to keep in regular rotation: 267 calories for a serving isn’t so bad, but the higher fat intake and 764mg of sodium are of concern.

How many calories are in a order of fried pickles?

Fried Pickles (1 serving) contains 87g total carbs, 79g net carbs, 85g fat, 12g protein, and 1160 calories.

How many calories are in fried dill pickles?

Appetizers Fried Dill Pickles (1 serving) contains 69g total carbs, 67.5g net carbs, 14g fat, 12g protein, and 457 calories.

Why are fried pickles so good?

Each of the oils has a different flavor and taste and hence it is a very important decision which oil to use. Fried pickles are thus a delight to eat. The ingredients of the dish make it even more special and tasty.

How many calories are in a fried pickle spear?

Appetizers Fried Pickle Spears With Sw Ranch (1 serving) contains 69g total carbs, 69g net carbs, 85g fat, 7g protein, and 1090 calories.

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